What Will You Do Without eBay’s Turbo Lister?

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It’s already been announced that eBay’s Turbo Lister is going to retire.  All the eBay sellers are on a lookout for a new replacement for Turbo Lister and it should be connected to the new seller hub. It is supposed to be dynamic as Turbo Lister and hopefully easier and more advanced as well.

The replacement for Turbo Lister would be ‘eBay Seller Hub’. But there are few restrictions with ‘eBay Seller Hub’, Seller Hub does have a monthly payment option hence you may not get additional features. It may not allow you to create listings offline. eBay Seller Hub will not work as a desktop application and hasn’t got the capacity to store finished listings either.

Look for free Turbolister alternatives, and you soon realize how useful it was! So where does that leave the small business? Most 3rd party listing tools like Auctiva which are online based are also good. Auctiva doesn’t run as a desktop application.

One more alternative to Turbolister is Xpress Lister which runs in the cloud and is automatically upgraded the next time the browser is opened. Xpress Lister runs on every version of Windows and even non-Windows operating systems.

There are many alternatives to Turbolister out there in the market but you need to determine what features are important to you for e.g.:

  • Is a desktop application important for you?
  • Do you want to load items in bulk and be able to work offline?
  • Are you familiar with the ‘cloud’ as software works well with this.
  • Think about how long online listing may take. This is important if all your listings are online listing.
  • Check the price and of listings allowed within the software.
  • It should have the ability to store sold descriptions and images.
  • One helpful addition would be to have in inventory software and readymade sales templates. These are templates should be specially designed for the eBay platform.

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