Top 5 eBay Listings Optimization Tips By Data Entry Adroits

Top 5 eBay Listings Optimization Tips By Data Entry Adroits

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How well you place your products in search results directly correlates to how much traffic views your eBay Bulk Listing receive. More sales are achieved with more views and more customers to your eBay Bulk Listing.

It is a dream of every eBay selling agent to make the best use of the platform and sell his products more online. But competition is really fierce there. Several sellers are selling the same products on eBay and other online merchandising stores.

This enhances the level of competition, as customers do not have enough time to pick a particular dealer while buying a product online. The ideal solution for an eBay store owner is to optimize his presence on the site in such a way that it gets more visibility and attract more buyers.

  • Optimizing Titles with Appropriate Keywords:

A good title is the first thing that attracts customers. eBay sets the limit up to 80 characters per title. An ideal title should be around 80 characters with applicable keywords. It should include the brand name, year of manufacture and little details. No fancy words should be inserted and keyword spamming is also prohibited. Never put your competitors’ brand name on the title as it may actually demote your brand and affect your page ranking too.

  • Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) Twist:

Usually, sellers who sell more gets higher ranking in its re-listing. Suppose, your sales figure is not that high then you have to twist your strategy. You need to end previous listings and re-list again afresh. It will entitle your products to get featured under ‘new listing’ as your previous sales history will be automatically deleted. This trick might help temporarily but in the long run, you have to analyze why your eBay sales are not performing well.

  • Using Scarcity as a Strategy:

A scarcity trick is something that can do really well for online business. A seller will have to show his desired product as the “last one” in the stock so that customers are attracted to buy the same. You need to use a third-party application tool to display it. The strategy usually helps entrepreneurs increase sales on eBay Bulk Listing.

  • Offer the most value for your listing to stay competitive:

All that customers want during an online transaction is maximum benefits. As an online retailer, your attempt should be towards mitigating customers’ inconvenience and difficulties. Offer them free shipping facility sans any delivery charges. Some other facilities may be like “30-day return policy” – through which a customer can return the product within a month of purchase should be also provided. The pricing of your product should also be the least to maximize your sales on eBay.

  • Maintaining Feedbacks and DSR List:

After-sales services and customer’s feedbacks are extremely important for online sellers. So, an entrepreneur should never ignore customers’ feedback. An attempt should be made to resolve all queries and problems of the customers at the earliest. A seller (Detailed Seller Ranking) list. You should keep a record of your DSR to improve your customer support services i.e. solving customer’s query in no time makes your eBay Bulk Listing get higher ranking on DSR.

  • Get More Traffic to your eBay Bulk Listing:

Use of social media and emails is an excellent trick to boost your sales. Simply post a link to your product listing page to social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook among others with appropriate captions. You can also randomly send your eBay listing page to various people via emails. This trick will work. However, drive traffic to your new product page only. Driving new traffic to old pages with fewer sales and customer’s reviews will not serve the purpose.