Selling Sports Products on eBay - Hire Professional Sports Products eBay Listers

Selling Sports Products on eBay – Hire Professional Sports Products eBay Listers

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Selling Sports Products on eBay – Hire Professional Sports Products eBay Listers: eBay is not only a place to find new sporting goods, but many athletes use eBay to successfully purchase their next sporting equipment.

Whether you are saving up for a new treadmill, need to repair your old bicycle, or are looking to upgrade your ski gear, selling on eBay is the perfect way to earn extra money. Swap out your unused pieces—those baseball bats in the garage or your extra fly fishing rods—and buy yourself new equipment.

Whether you’re a sports buff, a weekend ballplayer, or simply looking to sell some equipment around your home, eBay makes selling sporting goods fun. With millions of eBay shoppers looking for baseball gloves, equestrian gear, inline skates, snowboards, bicycles, and more, it’s easy to turn your stuff into cash on eBay.

eBay sports products listing professionals from eBay bulk product listing services provide the following tips to sell sports product successfully on eBay:

Take advantage of eBay’s free cross-promotion up to four of your other items when someone bids on or wins an auction.

Emphasize on Ebay Resolution Services – As an eBay bulk product sports items seller, if the high bidder for an item of yours does not send payment by the deadline listed in your auction, you will get back the amount they charged as a “final value fee” from eBay. Within 45 days of the auction’s close, you must file an “Unpaid Item Dispute” in order to be eligible for a final value fee credit.

Provide the BEST customer service by quickly responding to all questions from potential buyers and earn a reputation as a responsible seller.  Make sure you check your e-mail a couple of times per day if you have items listed for sale on eBay, in either a store or auction.  If you take too long to respond to a potential buyer’s question, there is a good chance he/she will buy it elsewhere.

Make sure to include both basic information and details in your eBay bulk product listing description, about your sports item. Your eBay sports items description should be well-organized, concise and clear to read and understand. Use bullet lists wherever possible, create bold headlines. Be sure to include sports products features in your product title for e.g. dimensions, size, benefits and any other interesting features. Try to include clear and realistic pictures or links to videos that highlight the unique attributes of your eBay sports bulk product listings. Think according to your buyer’s perspective.

Below are the commonly used terms to describe sports items by other sellers, if you are sure it applies to your item, make use of it:

  • New In Box (NIB): Accessories or equipment are new in box if they remain in their original packaging from the time of purchase and have not been opened or used.
  • New with Tags (NWT)or Never Been Worn (NBW) or New without Tags (NWOT): NBW equipment is those that have never been washed or worn. If retail tags are attached to your hand gloves or apparel, you can list it as NWT. If the clothing has never been worn but the tags have been removed, it is NWOT. Any items listed under either of these three should have no flaws.*
  • Gently Used (GU): Gently used equipment or accessories have been washed, worn or used, but appears new and have no signs of use and no flaws.
  • Excellent: Excellent condition products have been previously worn or used and have only very slight signs of use. It should still have no flaws.
  • Very Good: Stuff that has been previously worn or used with moderate wash wear/fade, but has no visible flaws is considered in very good condition.
  • Good: Previously worn or used apparel or equipment with the minor visible flaw(s) and/or significant wash wear/fade can be considered in good condition.
  • Fair: Sports product which is previously worn or used products with a significant visible flaw(s) and/or heavy wash wear/fade is in fair condition.
  • Poor: Clothing that is not wearable or a product that is unusable and has severe flaws/damage is in poor condition, but may have a desirable and useable element(s).

The following abbreviations are used to indicate protection levels for helmets and masks, and may be useful for your listing title:

  • OPO: Oral Protection Only.
  • JOP: Jaw and Oral Protection.
  • NOPO: Nose and Oral Protection Only.
  • NJOP: Nose, Jaw, and Oral Protection.
  • EGOP: Eye Glass and Oral Protection.