Selling Jewelry On Amazon-Hire Professional Amazon Product Listing Services

Selling Jewelry On Amazon? Hire Professional Amazon Product Listing Services

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Selling jewelry in the online Jewelry market – Amazon is a big business and Amazon sellers have seen a significant increase in spending by 65%. Selling Jewelry on Amazon is one of the top selling products online. Selling jewelry online can be very profitable; hence many Amazon jewelry sellers find a perfect work-life balance by selling jewelry on Amazon.

As a jewelry seller on Amazon you must meet certain performance criteria to be eligible to apply in the Jewelry category of the Amazon product listing catalog:

  • Defect Rate of the ordered jewelry should be 1% or less.
  • 5% or less of cancellation rate.
  • 4% or less of late Shipment Rate.
  • Sellers must provide acceptable documentation for e.g. valid invoices and any other information requested by the customers about the products they intend to sell.
  • Only new jewelry products can be sold.
  • Sellers cannot list fine jewelry like Gold, Diamond, Real Gemstones, Platinum, White Gold.
  • Sellers can list only Fashion jewelry online.

People think selling jewelry on Amazon is sort of poetry as the jewelry market is huge and it’s like a forever market which has been around for many years.  Surprisingly most sellers don’t trust themselves to know what’s good and what isn’t while selling jewelry on an online marketplace like Amazon.

As such merchants are cautious of delving into the jewelry online world, even though millions of people shop for jewelry online each day. Also one of the reasons is jewelry is a delicate product to be shopped and delivered through online credentials.

Much of Fashion jewelry sold on Amazon is trend-based. There will always be timeless pieces that never go out of style and bigger portion of jewelry is centered on what’s currently hot and back in Fashion.

Amazon sellers should be able to convey this message in their jewelry product descriptions to convert online visitors into jewelry buyers. Amazon jewelry sellers must be able to make their Amazon jewelry product listing available to the online visitors. The best option to achieve this is to hire the professional Amazon product listers.

The Amazon Product Listing Services providers will facilitate you with the following features:

  • They will make sure all jewelry products are listed on separate seller-created detail pages.
  • They will take cares that matching the jewelry product to existing selections are not allowed in the Jewelry category on Amazon.

The Amazon product listing services team will employ quality control and inspection procedures on your jewelry products.

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