Original Troll Doll Toy Worth 10,000 Selling on eBay

Original Troll Doll Toy Worth £10,000 Selling on eBay


Most of us will probably remember spending a large portion of our pocket money on the spiky-haired dolls, lining our windowsills and topping our pencils with them at school, it’s an investment that might be about to pay off.

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Explore Martine Diamond’s board “Troll Dolls”, Margo Mills Way man Fallis’s board “Troll Dolls” , Gwendolyn Johnson’s board “Trolls, wish nicks” etc – Original Troll Doll Toys Worth £10,000 Selling only on eBay.

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“It’s A Troll”!

How fun were trolls ever?

How educational are trolls?
How durable are they? Really durable, as long as you don’t cut its hair or lose the clothes.
How is this toy overall? AWESOME! IT’S A TROLL!

These original troll dolls make a GREAT gift for any kid from the age of one year to 21 years.

If you’d banished them to the attic then it’s time to get the step ladder out because one of the original Troll Dolls (complete with a shock of orange hair and a wrinkly, Klingon-esque forehead) is currently priced up at £10,000 on eBay.

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Here’s how you can make money from children’s toys!

If you could buy this iconic Troll Doll as a remembrance of childhood you could be in for a windfall, let’s face it.

If you are hoping to buy this limited edition Troll Doll then you need to make sure it has the unique stamp and easily-identifiable cone-shaped head to prove its worth.

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