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How to Write eBay SEO Optimized Products Descriptions?

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eBay says – for a visitor to make a purchase the eBay product listing description is the main opportunity to convince the online customers. For eBay SEO optimized products descriptions you need to make use of keywords wherever relevant with formatting.

For each eBay product, you upload provide the eBay product description with the most important keyword phrases mentioned at the beginning and end. In your eBay product upload and in eBay bulk listing you should remember to employ the contents best practices such as bold, font size, use of capitals.

When you outsource your eBay product upload to third-party companies like – Data entry Adroits they will create your eBay bulk listings and provide a complete and specific item description with as many clear, detailed photos as possible. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot over-describe or over-represent your item.

In each of your eBay bulk listings, you should clearly categorize your terms and conditions, shipping, returns, warranty and guarantee policies. People can read your product description easily and clearly if you separate the terms and conditions into sections and highlight them with bullet points by making use of eBay’s existing templates.

Search has also changed. Major search engines such as Google are constantly updating their search algorithms and introducing new products such as Google Product Listing Ads. These new products have different requirements for how product data and its description are presented if you want your products to be surfaced.

Writing an eBay SEO optimized products descriptions affects every aspect of how your listings get displayed at the TOP of the rankings. Once a great keyword rich title and a comprehensive description were all that was needed to perform better in the search results. But today’s technology demands structured data for the machines that drive the internet.

Applying an eBay Sales Template:

It’s obvious that eBay listings have to look good to drive sales. Instead of formatting the eBay product description in Times New Roman italics to suit the PC’s, laptops and desktop; sellers need a professional HTML/CSS template that is mobile responsive.

eBay’s HTML editor combines the text elements along with the HTML elements to create a nice-looking template and product description. This combined approach rules out applying templates in bulk, or making bulk changes at a later point, and is a real headache that wastes massive amounts of time for sellers.

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