How to Write Amazon SEO Optimized Products Descriptions

How to Write Amazon SEO Optimized Products Descriptions?

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Amazon product listing is an essential part of setting up your business in the online marketplace. It is the process of creating your product catalog by detailing out the Amazon product description to present it online for purchase by customers.

Whether it is your Amazon product listing or Amazon bulk listing you need to write Amazon SEO optimized products descriptions.

The Amazon description is where you sell your item, but it matters for Amazon SEO optimization as well:

  1. The Amazon product description should be optimized for their correct keywords in relation to Amazon’s algorithm.
  2. The Amazon product listing should be optimized with correct copy and images to generate a high conversion rate.

You have to convey the benefits of the product, and you must convey its strengths clearly. You can begin by thinking about the buyer; is it for old or young, male or female, mum or dad, son or daughter. That will help you consider what they want it for and how they are going to use it. Always think about the customer, it is them that you are talking to.

If it’s likely to be a gift consider the language you should use to encourage the gift buyer. Encourage them to believe that this is the perfect present for their loved one.

But most of all consider; who uses it, why do they use it, what’s it made from and why it is better than other similar items they may be thinking about. Consider each area and promote positive reasons to engage the customer. And when you write your copy remember to use the keywords as best as you can and to reuse the title phrases to ensure that Amazon’s search will find you.

Keep in mind that when you write the Amazon product listing description it should be ranking higher in Amazon’s search engine. Effective bullet points are known to increase sales on Amazon. And each of the bullet points you write should be descriptive. Make use of bullet points for your product pages to describe each of your Amazon bulk listing features. This way you will sell more on Amazon. Because Amazon shoppers rely pretty heavily on bullet points to gather product information.

Include and describe the major Amazon product features, such as size, style, and what the product can be used for in the product detail page. Make use of correct grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences. As part of the Amazon SEO Optimized Products Descriptions in each of your Amazon bulk listing include accurate dimensions, care instructions, and warranty information.

Any of the following types of information should not be included:

  • Seller name.
  • E-mail address.
  • Website URL.
  • Company-specific information.
  • If you sell any other product don’t include its details.
  • Don’t make use of any promotional language such as “SALE” or “free shipping”.

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