How to Make More Money on eBay

How to Make More Money on eBay? By DataEntryAdroits

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How to Make More Money on eBay?

Are you an eBay seller?  When you sell on eBay there will be repeated events – sometimes it will be tons and heaps of sales and other times it’s slow.

eBay is an online auction site that can be useful for finding all kind of rare and unusual objects. Years ago it was easy to find a bargain on eBay bulk listings, but as more and more people began to shop at eBay online store, prices are now generally around market value. However, as an enthusiastic buyer/collector with a limited budget, you can pick up a few tricks for finding lower prices.

Lists of popular searches make it easy to find out what’s hot on eBay. Check out eBay Pulse for popular fashions trending, hot items, and information on trends. However, the way to really make more money on eBay profit on trends is to be one of the first people to spot them or to cater to things that are hot when they are just warming up.

This is a little bit trickier but definitely feasible. One of the main ways to find out what your buyers are really interested in – is to hang out where they are.

In whatever position of the tons and heaps or slow sales you are, there is a probability that your buyers read some magazines, some forums they participate in, and some websites they frequently visit, etc.

To understand and learn – ‘what’s on your customer’s mind’, you need to go where your buyers hang out! Try to fulfill their needs and wants. To get great advantage be the first seller to offer a product in a certain niche.

Also, look at what you have sold, and what other things your buyers have bought. Is there a way you could sell the same item over and over? Or perhaps find similar items of interest?

Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket – Diversify your eBay Business:

If something is not selling, sell something else. Things have their seasons. For example, textbooks sell really well during the beginning of semesters, but not very well during the rest of the year.

To have steady sales during the entire year, it might be a good idea to learn about other kinds of products to sell. There are so many things to sell on eBay – books, clothing, collectibles, car parts, cars, crafts – pretty much anything you can think of!

Improve the quality of your eBay bulk listings:

However you may don’t intend to build a real business selling on eBay just yet, but you would be looking for free software that can optimize your eBay bulk listings. eBay’s provides the best tool for listing creation and works excellent for small to big eBay sellers looking for some efficiency. eBay’s third-party tools are good enough to sell on eBay at scale.

Tips for how you write your eBay auctions:

I believe that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Remember that people will only buy your items if they feel that they can trust you.

  • Get rid of the NO’s! Count how many times you say “no” or “not.” Even one NO is too many. Do you really need to say “Do not bid if…?” eBay clearly tells bidders that they are entering into a contract when they bid, so there really is no reason for you to state that in your listing. See what happens if you get rid of your entire noes.
  • Do you have a disclaimer that says that you are not responsible if the package is damaged by the postal service or doesn’t arrive? This is a REALLY bad way to do business. How would you feel if you ordered something online from a major online retailer and when it didn’t arrive, they said “We sent it? I guess it’s your fault that it didn’t arrive.” I self-insure on all low-cost items and purchase insurance on all higher cost items. Insurance is really for your protection, not the buyers. For more expensive items, you ship by FedEx.
  • Offer FAST shipping. Don’t just say that you can offer priority mail or overnight shipping, but list the actual cost. Buyers who want something fast don’t want to wait around for an email response. State how long it will take for your item to ship. Be specific and you will win sales.
  • Use keyword rich titles and descriptions. Fill your title with keywords that your buyers will search for. In the description, use the same keywords again and also any additional keywords that may help your buyers find your items.
  • Learn to take high-quality pictures of your items. Also, photograph any defects or damage. Camera Jim’s Guide to eBay Auction Photography is a great how-to resource. I found this page about photographic lighting particularly useful.

Evaluate your Pricing Strategies

I know I just told you above to compete on price, but believe me, I don’t think we should all sell things really cheap!

Often, people will pay more for things when they can “buy-it-now” because they can get it immediately and there is no waiting to find out if they are the winner.