How to Increase eBay Listing Sales Conversion Rates

How to Increase eBay Listing Sales Conversion Rates?

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How to Increase eBay Listing Sales Conversion Rates?

The number of visitors who have visited your eBay product listing and turned into customers divided by the number of visitors who have visited your eBay listing is calculated as your eBay listing conversion rate according to eBay. Therefore your eBay bulk listing sell-through rate is the number of sales divided by the number of clicks on your listings.

You can also check out the ‘Listing Analytics’ tool offered by eBay Bulk listing services. This service is free and provides some pretty standard, but important, information about your listings.

The reason why your eBay Listing Sales Conversion Rates is important is it represents eBay’s base profit ratio. It obviously helps when you make a sale, and the more conversions you make the higher you’ll rank in the search results.

Given below are few simple steps suggested by eBay Bulk listing services you can take to skyrocket your conversion rate and click through:

  • Improve your listing description:

Get inside the mind of your ideal customer. What do they want to know about your item? What are they searching for on eBay?

Most people want to know the features or specifics of your item, estimated arrival dates, and whether or not the item is what they need. Your reputation and professionalism are also important to buyers.

Your descriptions should be clear, concise and relevant. Also, don’t hesitate to show off your reputation as a seller.

  • Offer fast or free shipping:

Everyone likes free stuff. If you can, offer free shipping. If you can’t, provide the fastest shipping options possible. Make your customers feel like you want them to buy from you, because, you do!

  • Provide a competitive price:

Sure, don’t undersell your product, but don’t overestimate its worth either. When you sell a product for a drop price than your competitor you’d be surprised at how much more quickly your items sell.

  • Step up your customer service:

Answer questions quickly, be friendly in your descriptions and reach out to buyers when problems come up. Your feedback score reflects your customer service so pay close attention to seemingly insignificant interactions.

  • Sell trending items:

Research trending items and do what you can to get them in your store. Shopping by the season is a great way to do this.

For example, if its summer and you focus on clothing, offer swimsuits, beach towels, and sunglasses. Think like a retailer if you want to be successful.