How Can You Drive More Traffic To Your eBay Listing

How Can You Drive More Traffic To Your eBay Listing?

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How Can You Drive More Traffic To Your eBay Listing?

The fact that you’ve developed enough confidence as a seller, now you can open an eBay Merchant store to sell individual listings. But keeping up that record while driving more traffic through your virtual doors and to truly succeed in the business of online selling, you have to treat it like a business.

In order to know How Can You Drive More Traffic To Your eBay Listing you need to adopt a deliberate approach in terms of marketing, listing and customer outreach. First of all, you will need the foundations of a good listing. Most of the audience default tendency for searching on eBay is “Best Match” and because 80% of buyers don’t change that option when searching on eBay, the best way to get your listing noticed is to make it “Best Match Worthy.”

Trying to adapt to Best Match is a challenge for sellers and although time and energy should be put into maximizing Best Match results another essential course of action for eBay sellers that is rather to rely less on driving eBay buyers to your listings and figuring out ways to drive buyers to your listings yourself.

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People use different keywords to find items they want hence write your product title with “Relevant” keywords”. Don’t use much of “nice” “cool” “LOOK” etc. When you use letters in your title, but make sure you’re not wasting them.

Including free shipping is another way to get higher on “Best Match”. This will make your listing more appealing.

Also, spend some time taking good quality pictures; they are the second most important thing to increasing traffic. No one wants to click on an eBay listing with unappealing photos. Customers will first check/view product pictures and then decide to click on a listing hence product pictures play a role of make or break for buyers.


Have a good description of the item you are selling because a slightly interested buyer may click on your listing then scroll down to your description and see that you have a lot of information about your item, which makes them feel more comfortable that you know so much about the product you’re selling and they may come back to read more.

How-Can-You-Drive-More-Traffic-To-Your-eBay-Listing---eCommerce Product Description

There is one big secret and tool that you can use to get traffic to your eBay listings; it’s called “BayEstimate”. In BayEstimate type in your product title for your eBay listing then search. It will show you some search terms and few dots of green color, the bigger the green dot the more popular the search term is on eBay, click one that matches what you are selling.

BayEstimate tool will display “Keywords buyers like/dislike when searching for the *search term you chose* if any of those slightly match in your listing then use them in your title!

With an eBay store you’re in an even stronger position to not merely sell random items, but to build an actual brand that’s tailored to a particular market. Take advantage of eBay listing showcase your brand.