How Are New Items Added To The Amazon Catalog

How Are New Items Added To The Amazon Catalog?

Amazon Support

Once you have started with your business online on Amazon, uploading and updating the inventory process is conducted and channelized on a regular basis.

For a beginner, the task may seem a time- taking one after a considerable time period the products get uploaded in inventory automatically.

Here is how you can add a new product to your Amazon catalog

  1. After you sign in into your Amazon account as an individual or a professional seller you will land up in a dashboard.
  2. Move your mouse over the “inventory tab” and click “Add a Product”.
  3. Click on “create a new product listing” for listing a brand-new product.
  4. Select the relevant category for your product. Amazon assists you in finding the right category for your product given many options.
  5. You will land up on a page where you require providing general information about the product like brand name, manufacture, product name, and product ID. For registering a new product, you need to have a UPC id. The UPC code can be purchased from the market for every new product. These options may differ with the category chosen.
  6. Place the code on the product ID line on the Vital info page.
  7. You can add variation to your product (color, size, etc.). It is advisable to buy a new UPC id for every variation you want to add.
  8. Select the condition of the product, add the price and Fulfillment channel (You can either fulfill the process yourself or let the Amazon do it for you.
  9. Add images with the description of the product in bullets below the image and add a product description.
  10. You can add relevant keywords to the option “search term”. You can add as many keywords here.
  11. Then “more information” will flash over where you can add other miscellaneous details like material, thickness, and volume.
  12. Click the “Save and Finish” option which will land you back on your inventory page.