Google Dropped eBay Product Reviews from Search

Google Dropped eBay Product Reviews from Search

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Google Dropped eBay Product Reviews from Search

Do you remember the days when you could list multiple listings and flood eBay’s search engine with auctions, ‘Buy It Now’ listings and get tons of sales? This is when eBay was still using their search engine.

Are you receiving invitations to leave product reviews on eBay? Would you invest the time in leaving product reviews on eBay? As a shopper, would you find eBay product reviews useful?

Google has stopped displaying eBay product reviews on Google Shopping as some privacy breach has been occurred at eBay when eBay displays product reviews its displaying user ID. When Google Shopping displayed the eBay product reviews on its product pages, eBay users’ real names displayed instead of their eBay User ID. The privacy breach was brought to our attention by a reader over the weekend.

Google made changes to their search engine penalizing websites with duplicate content where eBay product reviews were posted and took serious steps to rectify the problem of eBay user’s privacy breach.

The implication of this report was that eBay was going to drop Ad Words as a channel and focus its efforts on organic search engine optimization. By knocking eBay’s product listings pages out of the organic rankings, Google is forcing eBay to use product ads to stay in front of those searchers seeking.

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When the issue was escalated immediate action was taken to stop displaying all eBay product reviewer names from Google shopping page.

How do eBay buyers search?

eBay buyers search for the keyword and then they will use the refine feature (on mobile) or start choosing item specifics on the left side to help narrow down the listing even further. They will also choose a category to drill down the results even more.

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When asked as to why Google has dropped eBay product reviews and when, and if there were plans for Google Shopping to resume displaying eBay product reviews? Google responded right away saying they have to look into answering such inquiries. But by Sunday night Google had masked customer names and User IDs for all reviews displayed on its Shopping site

But when are we going to see any evidence of this ongoing project? Anyway, when you are using eBay’s search box for keywords, know that this process works well with popular branded products.