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eBay Roll Out Apple Pay on eBay Managed Payments

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One of the most ubiquitous forms of payments and provides users with an easy, fast and secure way to pay is Apple Pay on eBay Managed Payments.

For the first time, ever eBay customers can use Apple Pay for purchases. eBay is allowing only a few sellers to opt back out of eBay Managed Payments after saying that no opt-out was possible.

In a rapidly changing and competitive e-commerce landscape eBay is trying to deliver value to customers through an improved shopping experience, enhanced selling tools and streamlined costs. With eBay managed payments shoppers will be able to both shop and checkout on the site on which they transact.

But a limited number of buyers will be able to use Apple Pay. eBay shoppers will enjoy the new experience of shopping on eBay on a compatible Apple device and stumble across a listing.

PayPal is not an option for those opted into eBay Managed Payments. The first new payment method for many years Apple Pay on eBay is exclusively for mobile users. Shoppers who don’t have iPhone can go for Google play.

Buyers who opt-in to eBay Managed Payments would not be able to opt out as stated by eBay president. If sellers have signed up to eBay Managed Payments and discovered a major issue then there is an option to leave the eBay Managed Payments programme.

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