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eBay Images Go Missing from Sellers’ Listings

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Can you imagine the horror when you clicked on the eBay listing and discovered that all the listings pictures were GONE! In few listings, all that was left was one gallery picture per listing and on one of the 12 listings, there was no picture at all – NONE!

You may be wondering what might be the reason for eBay images go missing from sellers’ listings. Well the answer might be maybe your eBay seller’s listings were corrupted and the eBay images eventually disappeared completely.

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There are also various reasons why eBay images go missing from sellers’ listings. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The problem might be the GTC (Good Till Cancelled). Or you have relisted your eBay listings which are void of most of their photos – some have 1, many show little thumbnail size, others grayscale etc.
  2. The eBay image or images you supplied do not meet eBay’s requirements. When adding or updating listings on eBay you may occasionally encounter listing errors or warnings back from eBay if you do not follow few simple rules and recommendations for using pictures on eBay.
  3. All eBay listings most follow eBay sites picture requirements and every listing must have at least one photo. The eBay product listings picture need to be at least 500 pixels on the longest side. Make sure you optimize the eBay product picture for mobile such that your pictures are 1600 pixels on the longest side.
  4. Keep your eBay listing images clean – no text, borders or uncluttered backgrounds?

You can upload photos in any of these file formats:

  1. JPEG (.jpg file extension)
  2. PNG (.png file extension)
  3. TIFF (.tif file extension)
  4. BMP (.bmp file extension)
  5. GIF (.gif file extension)

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