Best Ways to Increase eBay Listings Click-Through-Rate

Best Ways to Increase eBay Listings Click-Through-Rate

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Best Ways to Increase eBay Listings Click-Through-Rate: For every eBay product listing you post, you’re able to see key metrics that provide insight into how your eBay listing is performing:

  • Rank: The search placement of your product listing compared to other eBay listings.
  • Impressions: The number of times your listing appears to potential buyers in a search.
  • Clicks: The number of times your listing was clicked on by a buyer.

Two additional and equally important eBay metrics are the click-through rate and sell-through rate. The eBay Listings Click-Through-Rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions — in other words, the number of possible buyers who clicked on your listing after viewing it in the search. The sell-through rate measures the next stage in the buying process, highlighting the number of items sold divided by the number of people who clicked on the listing.

EBay’s click-through rate highlights the number of eBay buyers who have clicked on your listing, compared with those who have seen it in a search. A low click-through rate for your eBay product listing can be extremely damaging. If your eBay product listing’s click-through rate decreases, you could see a correlation in the reduced number of purchases.

What causes a low click-through rate? It’s likely because of the way your product listing is displayed on the search results page – such as being lower down the search page, insufficient title, no image etc – and resulting in less traffic being drawn to the listing.

We help you with a number of ways to enhance your eBay product listings and improve your click-through rate:

  • Write an effective title
  • Have an appropriate image
  • Optimize your item specifics to the fullest

Item specifics allow you to provide details about the product you’re selling, such as brand, size, color, and style. eBay listing services command that – ‘These details can boost your eBay presence by helping your products be matched with buyers’ search words. Try to imagine what words a shopper would use to find your product, and add those in’.

It may not always be financially viable, but offering free delivery could increase clicks. If that’s not a feasible option for you, then price competitively and be clear about your shipping costs.

Becoming an eBay Premium Service badge holder is another option. With the badge, sellers can offer a minimum 14-day returns policy, one-day or same-day dispatch, express delivery options, and a free domestic delivery option.

The catch: This service can’t be purchased and must instead be earned by the retailer, through maintaining a high seller rating and high ratings for multiple metrics.

This how eBay Listing Services describes the –

‘Best Ways to Increase eBay Listings Click-Through-Rate!’