Best Ways to Increase eBay Listing Page Views

Best Ways to Increase eBay Listing Page Views

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Best Ways to Increase eBay Listing Page Views: All of the online eBay sellers want to increase sales by increasing the eBay listing page views. Regardless of what the buyer is looking for, sellers want them to look at their listing and get an advantage over other sellers. By doing so they may get some potential buyers looking at their eBay listing page.

Well, there is one simple step that eBay seller can take each time they create a new eBay listing to really help increase the traffic to it, and all it involves is putting themselves in the shoes of their buyers.

Here also the same basic idea of garage sale works. Sometimes buyers who are looking for a non-specific watch reading your eBay listing page which automatically increases your potential sale percentage.

For this you need to ask yourself this question:

“What words/keywords would I put into Google search engine to find the products that I’m selling to get more eBay page views?”

Many sellers today don’t think carefully enough about the keywords that they’re using their eBay titles, and therefore miss out on eBay page views and potential sales.

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To attract viewers to your eBay listing page, get people to look at your item who normally would pass over. This greatly increases your odds of a sale and also your sell-through rate.

A low sell-through rate could have a lot to do with a poorly presented listing page. This includes pages without necessary information or pages that aren’t adequately presented and optimized. Be sure to have an informative, structured and appealing product description that’s consistent with the product title.

You don’t want to make the mistake of having the product information differ from the title listing — especially if, say, your shipping information is inconsistent — and risk losing a buyer’s trust. Also remember to include a number of high-quality product images, providing the buyer with a clear and accurate idea of what they’re purchasing.

If possible, offer buyers several delivery options, including free or discounted postage. Make sure to make your returns and refund policy visible to buyers. A study revealed that 48% of consumers would shop with an online eBay seller more often if they had a simple, easily understandable returns policy. Plus, if you offer delivery discounts or a straightforward returns policy, buyers could be encouraged to increase their order and purchase additional items.

Provide all the relevant information of your eBay listing like make, model, brand, color, material, style etc. Include any particular words that your buyers might search the eBay search bar to find what you are offering. Nail this and you should see a big surge in eBay page views.