7 Ways To Increase Your Amazon Sales Tremendously

7 Ways To Increase Your Amazon Sales Tremendously

Amazon Listing Optimization

How Amazon resumed its journey to becoming a great e-commerce giant in today’s world arena is seriously inspirational.  It’s being the number one e-commerce platform that accounts for the various risks and challenges in the backdrop.

This has been inspiring the fresh business owners to get an insight into how the online market works and what factors determine the increase and decrease in your profit graph. Let’s now see how you can utilize the platform in a way to maximize your sales.

SEO Optimize E-commerce Portfolio

Search Engine Optimization is the most important technique to rank high in Amazon. Amazon allows you to add product title with a limit of 500 characters, which provides you the wide scope for entering maximum relevant keywords to get indexed by the crawlers.

This a very important and effective technique of increasing your rankings.


This accounts for the most important factor in deciding how your product is performing online. The genuine and authentic reviews strengthen the bond of trust which automatically drives traffic to your e-commerce website.

Encourage your customers to drop a review as a result of the purchase of services or products. Constructive feedback help improve your reputation online.

Beat the Competition

What discourages maximum sellers is the fact that the Amazon market is highly competitive. This is undoubtedly true, but the technique lies in beating the competition with constantly remaining vigilant about your competitor’s moves.

Reprising software like Feed Visor may prove a real panacea in such a situation. It helps you keep updated about the non-availability of a certain product on your competitor’s portal and automatically increases the rates of the same product available in your stock, leading to an increase in your sales.


Although, how much insane it sounds but it is the most effective strategy to increase your brand awareness online. Give it away your products for free in exchange of a review on the grabbed product. This will help you get a huge plethora of genuine and authentic reviews and will eventually increase your goodwill in the market.

Be Innovative

Amazon is quite sharp in analyzing the latest trends and ranks the seller’s portal over Amazon in sync with the fresh library of products. Being innovative and creative is the deal. Constantly evolving with the fresh introductory trends and optimizing your e-commerce portal accordingly will help you gain online recognition.


What can revive back the dead soul is discount. Keeping the interests of your customers in mind, implying discounts on certain products may help you in reaping profit many folds.

The most interesting deals get reviewed in Amazon’s Hot deals section which is the win-win situation. The customer is most likely to grab the product if it seems enticing and this eventually increases the probability of getting your whole portfolio reviewed by the customers.

Win the Buy Box

It is the most enticing and challenging deal to appear in the buy box. It is because of the fact that it improves your chances of getting more of your products sold.

Although, to qualify the criteria you need to beat the competitors in terms of price, offers, products, performance and shipping. Once you did, it can prove as the most beneficial deal for your business to gain more exposure.